Helping hotel owners drive incremental revenue to their website through digital marketing


Full Audit

Full audit and strategy implementation for existing hotels. Includes multiple calls with hotel team and action plan for moving forward.

New Opening (or Flag Conversion)

Clean Ups Audit plus funds to use for exposure and ramp up, content writing, press release, GPS issues, and more. Get your new hotel found.

About the Owner

“I’m an advocate of the hotel owner as there is alot the brands don’t educate hotels about. I pick up where the brands stop to maximize incremental return to YOUR hotel and market. My strengths lie in account management, knowing the brands’ platforms and connecting the online world with operations, sales and revenue management.” ~ Stephanie Sparks Smith



We are hoteliers and understand how they work. We enjoy strategizing with hotel teams to find new opportunities.

Comprehensive Execution

Nothing can be done in a silo. Content, SEO, Local, Images and social work hand in hand.

Promote Your Hotel

Every hotel is different. Every market is different. Every team is different. Treat them different.

Diagnose and FIX Issues

After audit is done, steps are taken to implement a strategy and improve performance.

Link the “Cogs” Together

Digital marketing flows into Operations, Sales and Revenue Management. Understand how the “cogs” fit.

Not an Agency

Agency teams work in silos whose expertise is not hotels. 


PicMonkey Review From a Photoshop Illiterate

My Unsolicited (Rave) PicMonkey Review I found out about PicMonkey at the Seattle Digital Summit. You visit so many exhibit booths it is hard to keep track.  This one stuck.  They offered me 3 free months. So sure, let’s give it a go. First, let me say I am PhotoShop...

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Hotel Packages: Who, What, When, Why, Where and How

When developing a hotel package strategy, it is important to remember that building these offerings will not sell out a hotel.  They may not even get bookings if not properly marketed. In a nutshell, hotel packages should showcase your proximity to demand generators,...

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Tricks and Cool Stats from the Digital Summit

Last month, one of the Digital Summit’s was hosted in Seattle. Content strategy, along with AI and machine learning, were the hot topics on everyone’s radar.  Cogwheel Marketing shares the top insights and cool statistics from the conference. 1 - Most people have...

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10 Hotel Digital Marketing KPIs

You don’t have to be a digital marketing expert to look at high level reports and find trends for your hotel.  Briefly review monthly reports and start asking better questions of your vendors, partners and team.  If you don’t have someone on your team with the skill...

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Infographic: Hotel Digital Marketing Flywheel

The "Old" Sales Funnel In every sales and marketing class, since the beginning of time, they show you a diagram of a sales funnel.  It was shaped something like a cone or upside down pyramid, like this: Over time, the model was twisted for digital marketing.  The main...

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